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Posted on 03-28-2017

Optimal Functioning | Part 5

highway, super highway, brain communicationWe have now come to the conclusion of our blog series explaining the true definition of health. Health is about how well we are optimally functioning. In each of my last four blog posts, I shared the four important parts to optimal functioning: mechanical, biological, the ability to heal and lastly repair & replacement of your cells. If you would like to refresh yourself please go back to review each of these blog entries.

So at the end of each blog in this series I asked the same question: “what controls our ability to function?” Quite simply, the answer is our BRAIN.  Our brain controls every single function and process in our body from how we move to how well we heal.  Our brain is a 3 pound control center composed of approximately 100 billion cells where each brain cell connects to 10,000s of other brain cells. It’s really incredible how intricate and detailed our brain is designed. Now here’s my second question: “how is it that our brain can communicate all of these functioning messages to our body in order to keep it healthy?” The answer is: through our SPINE – more specifically our spinal cord.

Our spinal cord is a super highway of communication between our brain and our body. Signals travel as fast as 268 mph (or 431 kph) along this neural highway. Thinking about the complexity of our nervous system and the speed of communication, it’s no wonder we are able to complete multiple processes in our body that keeps us healthy. However, now that we understand that our spine and spinal cord are essential to having optimal health, what happens if this neural highway of communication breaks down? Or a better question is: what happens to our health?

The bottom line is: if our spine and spinal cord break down, our health breaks down. That’s the truth.

The effects of having our spine break down with regards to our health can be endless from asthmatic attacks to menstrual issues to low back pain to digestive problems. Because our brain controls everything in our body, if our spine breaks down everything and anything in our body, given enough time, will also become sick and diseased.  Therefore, if your spine is misaligned, then you are not optimally able to express your body’s ability to be 100% healthy. However, there is good news! Spinal misalignments are correctable and when a spine is corrected, health improves.

If you’d like to understand how your body is optimally functioning, give us a call for a free consultation 905-916-4325!

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